About Waggies Weather

The weatherstation

I've had a few, a couple of LaCrosse, a couple of Fine Offset.
This WH9350 is the latest, bought so I could get see my weather data from anywhere, without having to maintain a server at home for the purpose. It works well enough.
As usual with these things, along with the extras come some negatives:
* Colour on the console doesn't add any value, and unlike with my previous WH3081, the console has to remain powered to see a constant display.
* With the unit all in one, its almost impossible to add extra sun shielding to the temperature sensor.

The software

Copyright for this package of code: https://waggies.net/ws/copyright.txt.

I used weewx with the WH3081, but didn't like the display, and the server (at home) kept killing its USB connection, necessitating removing console batteries to restore, with a resulting loss of collected data. Hence the change to the WH9350, which doesn't need a server connected to collect data and put it on the net.

But I don't much like the weather displays from Weatherunderground, Weathercloud and Ecowitt.
The weatherstation has a 'Customized' output along with sending to those, so I wrote my own code to display data from my hosted server.
I think it works well.

The code is written in PHP, and the graphs are courtesy of Google graphing tools Google Charts.
The snapshot view draws its info from a file saved on each update.
The graphs draw their info from a MySQL database used to store the data collected every 5mins.

For the weatherstation transmission format and requirements, I have to thank www.wxforum.net. I couldn't find info on using the customised output anywhere else on the net, and not in the weatherstation user manual, where it should be.